Dog Squad

The primary role of the dog squad is to provide support to the police, clients, in a wide variety of operations from all types of searches for narcotics, theft, and murder to foot patrols and rescue missions.

Each dog undergoes extensive training program with its handler, teaching the dog obedience, protection of its master and its duties.

After training dogs with handler are able to perform the following jobs.
• Track and find wanted offenders or missing persons in urban, rural or
    rugged bush.
• Search all types of buildings for wanted offenders in hiding.
• Search for anti sabotage, anti-hijacking, and explosive detection duties.
• Search property connected with crime for illegal drugs.
• Search for narcotics in various places.
• Apprehend offenders who may be escaping arrest and may be armed.
• Search with rescue teams in the event of natural disasters such as
   earthquake, avalanche and floods.

The breed of dogs provided by SCISSPL are of two types; one ‘Tracker’ Dogs which track criminals and ‘Sniffer’ Dogs which detects Explosives, Narcotics; namely Retriever Labrador, DoberMan, Alsation.